Peanut Free Pecans

Berdoll Pecans is a peanut-free facility and has no cross contamination with peanuts or any other nuts within our processing facility. We only do pecans!

The few products to stay away from our the Chewy and Creamy Pralines (we are a distributor, but they come to us pre-wrapped), Pecan Brittle (made in another facility and Berdoll's packages), Milk Chocolate Covered Pecan Brittle (the Brittle is made in another facility and Berdoll's covers in chocolate), Dark Chocolate Covered Pecan Brittle (the Brittle is made in another facility and Berdoll's covers in chocolate), and the Rodeo Mix (made in another facility and Berdoll's packages). None of these products are packaged using the same equipment as our pecans.

Berdoll Pecans has had the privilege of supplying the local communities and those who buy them online for the past 39 years. We have only been able to do this because we actually care about what we do. Our determination to provide you with the best pecans around is one of the biggest reasons why people seek us out. Using the same pecans our founder's parents harvested, you will quickly taste the difference between our pecans and our competitors. Look through our store now to see what satisfies your appetite or you can contact us to learn more about what we do.


Berdoll does sell a few varieties of in-store homemade fudge that may add peanuts or other nuts for certain fudge flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Rocky Road, Snickers and M&M. This fudge is made away from all our pecan processing in a different location, but we may also use the candy from other manufacturers that would contain peanuts or other nut oils. All other products sold only use our Berdoll pecans. If you are concerned at all about other nut allergies, stay away from the fudge, but rest-assured all other products have only our pecans. Questions? Want to double check? Just contact us!

Finding a Peanut-Free Snack

There are an estimated 15 million people who possess some form of allergies. There's nothing wrong with being allergic to a certain food, it just means you need to be a little more aware when you go out and buy food. Having a peanut or tree-nut allergy is probably one of the most common allergies people face, which is why it's important to find a snack for you to eat avoiding any usage of peanuts or tree nuts.

Even the most popular candies have cross-contamination issues with their products, which makes it hard for people with peanut and tree-nut allergies to find a healthy and pleasant snack they can enjoy. Thankfully, our pecans won't ever touch these "hazardous materials" so you will never have to worry about your allergies acting up.

Avoiding Food Allergy Cross-Contamination

Taking the extra effort to ensure everyone can eat these wonderful treats is what separates us from the competition. We know there are certain foods people can't eat, which is why it's important to us we take the time to harvest, crack, and produce these pecan treats. Being as vigilant as we are, there is no way for cross-contamination to occur.

As a matter of fact, our harvesters ensure no tree-nuts or legumes are involved in the pecan process or machinery because we only process our own pecans on our pecan farm here in Texas. We actively avoid not only peanuts but walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnut, and so much more. When you put that first pecan in your mouth you will quickly see why we stand-out. The tastes you will experience will be burned into your mind until you put that next, fresh pecan in your mouth.

Buy From Berdoll Pecans Today!

Our pecans are peanut and nut-free so you will never have to worry about your allergies starting up. Being in the factory you will quickly see the determination we have for making these wonderful peanut and nut-free treats. You can even give us a visit at our local retail store at 2626 State Hwy 71 West Cedar Creek, TX 78612 to test out the new products and other delectables we have available.

In the interest of everyone, Berdoll Pecans avoids any cross-contamination in our processing so you can enjoy our pecans without any worry of allergies coming across your mind. Our peanut free facility will ensure you get the best out of these snacks. No one should have to eat "unhealthy" snacks again when you can eat pecans packed with powerful nutrients.

Contact us now if you have any more questions about our process or if you need assistance picking out your own pecan treat.