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Of course everyone claims to have "the best", but we really have THE best Pecan Pie you'll ever bite into! Our pies are baked fresh every morning and filled with 2 1/2 cups of our plumpest pecan pieces! Each pie is shipped in our custom Texas box! This pie is 9 inches in diameter.

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Finally! 11/27/2021
This is the best pecan pie Iíve had in a long time. Iíve gone through recipes and store bought pies and could never find a pecan pie I loved. Berdollís pecan pie is an explosion of pecans with every bite. The pecan to filling ratio is perfect! They definitely showcase the pecan. Iíll be a customer for life!
- Ashley Gunn, TX
Truly THE BEST PECAN PIE we have ever eaten, and my husbands moms were amazing. I ordered this for Christmas, allowing extra delivery time. We refrigerated the pie for several days and then warmed it prior to serving as directed by Berdoll. It was as fresh as if just baked. This pie was loaded with pecans and blended with just the perfect amount of filling. We usually leave the pie crust but even that was delicious.
- Chris Perkins, OR
What more can I add 6/2/2020
What more can I say other reviews havenít? The VERY BEST pecan pie ever! Fancy highly rated Boston bakery makes a pecan pie that canít even compare to Berdoll Pecan Pie. People wait in long lines and it canít hold a candle to this one. Canít wait to order another
- Arthur Silva, MA
Best Pecan Pie ever!! 4/14/2020
I live in Ohio but my son lives in Texas. I always enjoy visiting Berdoll Pecan Store. I ordered a pie online and it was absolutely the best I ever had. Loaded with pecans.
- Sherri, OH
The best, hands down! 4/8/2020
My uncle lives near the shop and sends pies my way a few times every year. I have never tasted a better pie so full of goodness instead only having pecans on the top and gelatin in the middle like other pecan pies. If you like pecan pie, you MUST try Berdolls.
- Delaney, CA
Pecan Pie 2/3/2020
This is the best pecan pie I have ever had with pecans all the way through it! I highly recommend to anyone traveling past the big squirrel.
- Brad, VA
Hard to beat this pie... 12/29/2018
I cant remember having a better pecan pie...
Pecan pie 12/17/2017
I am from Alabama, and I know good pecan pie. Your pie is one of the best I have ever eaten. My wife and I are enjoying it a lot. It is not too sweet like many pecan pies are, and it is loaded with delicious pecans. Connie and Andrea in D.C.
Yummy Pie 11/21/2017
This pie is basically perfect. Fresh and highest quality. Not sure anyone could make it from home better. Knowing the pecans are fresh from their farm sure makes it taste better. Well be buying more often!
- Ian, CO
My new Thanksgiving standard! 9/11/2017
This pecan pie is the best pecan pie I have ever eaten, and Ive eaten a lot! One slice, and my family declared that we will drive out to the Giant Squirrel every year to get some for Thanksgiving! This is amazing pie!
- Angel B., TX

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