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2021 CROP!!!! Pecans are heart healthy with no trans fat, cholesterol or sodium. Add these tasty nutritious nuts to your diet today! Large sized pecan with a rich, buttery flavor! A characteristic of the Pawnee variety is small black dots on the pecan meat.

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YOU MUST TRY THEM 11/22/2021
They are the best pecans I have eaten in a long time. You won't be disappointed with these delicious treats.
- Carolyn, CA
Pawnee pecans 12/12/2020
These are my favorite pecans, I make special trips for these pecans. I do not buy pecans any where else. these are so fresh. I love your pecans.
- Janie Luevano, TX
Easy to Crack 6/6/2020
Ive ordered these in shell pecans a number of times. They are large and easy to crack and delicious. I buy a 5lb bag and freeze half of it. They are by far the best pecans Ive ever had.
Im now the best daughter 6/2/2020
I take a bag of these to my dad everytime I go visit. He cant stop raving about how fresh they are. He is obsessed. I love everything from Berdoll.
- Lorena Garcia, TX
best pecans ever 7/12/2019
Back in March, I ordered the Pawnee with shell and wasnt sure if I would be able to finish a 5lb bag. Well, I sat and ate all of it. I would sit in front of the TV and crack away. They cracked so easily and were so meaty and delicious. Well worth the extra cost. Ive been wanting to eat more and will order again soon.
- Mae, MA
Great, Fresh and Tasty 8/19/2016
The best pecans by far. I have been ordering pecans from Berdoll for several years. The nuts are fresh and plump, never dry or spoiled. I have ordered several varieties, they are all very good pecans. My preference are the Pawnee with the rich buttery flavor. Berdoll pecans are simply the best.
- Bettie Carroll-Wallace, IL
Going nuts over your Pawnee 4/18/2016
My ex wife is an authority on pecans, having a father from Seguin. She knows what to expect from a Tejas pecan...that special flavor. Now instead of Buckys, will go directly to you. My ex knows how to pick nuts, she married me, right?. Thanks guys your products are great,
Mark Piņon
Best you will find anywhere 1/28/2016
I have searched the world for good paper shell pecans and found a whole lot of them but these are by far the best I have ever had. You will not be disappointed they are great...
When I was a little girl in the 50s we used to get pecans sent to us in California from our family near Austin. I just ordered my first batch of pecans from you and they were as good as I remember from my childhood. They are delicious and with your amazing cracker, so easy to get out of the shell whole! I will be back! Thank you!
- Connie Douglas, CA
Delicious 12/28/2014
These are the best pecans I have ever eaten. Every one has been plump, sweet and buttery. They are easy to shell and come out in two perfect pecan halves every time.
- C Dendy, TX
outstanding 12/24/2013
After battling half rotten 2012-or older-in shell pecans from HEB, Berdoll was a life saver this year. Firm, fresh, and easy to get full halves. both Pawnee and Kiowa
- Ed, TX

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