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2023 CROP! The best variety this year! A characteristic of the Pawnee variety is small black dots on the pecan meat. Did you know...90% of the fats in pecans are unsaturated. Pecans can be part of a heart-healthy low-cholesterol diet and contain more than 19 essential vitamins and minerals. So...cook, bake and eat Berdoll Pecans all year long!!!!

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Best pecan, ever! 5/8/2024
I have been buying from Berdoll’s for a few years. The Pawnee is the best pecan on the market. The cracked pecans are easy to shell and the meats are large and meaty! I just wouldn’t buy any other brand or pecan! Why go to inferior products after tasting Berdoll’s Pawnee? I shouldn’t be telling you this because there will be fewer for me!
- Karen, TX
Super Fresh 1/20/2024
Stopped at Buckees to buy a second bag after my husband purchased some the week before. So good and fresh.
- J G, TX
Lisa 11/4/2023
We stopped at a Buc-cee’s on our way back from Houston. I love pecans so I purchased a bag, pre cracked and they were delicious. Very satisfied 👍
- lisa muncy, TX
Absolutely the best 8/2/2023
OMG… I first purchased them at a Buckees, and have placed two orders online since…THE BEST PECANS EVER
- Tara Woods, FL
The Best In The World 1/9/2023
My family and I were on our way to Pensacola , Florida to see my son for the Thanksgiving Holiday , we stoped for gas at Bucees , I walked away from them , when the seen me again I had in my arm a bag of BERDOLL PECAN , these pecans are the very best that I have ever had. We almost ate the whole bag in 4 days and still ordered another bag after we got back home , to Mississippi. I am about to order another bag , Berdroll Pecan are the very BEST.
- Allin Stevenson, MS
Berdolls is the best 3/2/2022
My family and I have enjoyed Berdolls Pecans for several years. We buy them in 10 # bags and my wife and daughters make many great desserts from them we all enjoy.The ease of buying this product and the quality received is superior to all others Ive tried previously.. Cost, quality and professionalism cant be matched and I recommend them whole heartedly. C Meyer DVM
- C Meyer, KS
Ordered for Years 10/28/2021
Many years ago, we happened upon the Berdoll Pecans retail store. We were impressed with the quality of the Pawnee pecans. We tried all of the varieties of pecans in the store and decided Pawnees were the very best for us. We found out we could order them online and have ordered several times since. Now I am spoiled to your Pawnees and nothing else will do. I think it is the rich, buttery taste. And we order them cracked because shelling pecans remind me of doing that on my grandmothers porch. Thanks Berdoll!
- Barbara Moore, TX
Best Pecans Around 4/8/2021
Pawnee Pecans are the best variety of pecans I have ever had. They are rich in flavor and a very meaty variety of pecan. I only buy my pecans from Berdoll. I’ve tried all varieties of their pecans and although they are all great, Pawnee is my favorite.
- Leslie, TX
Pawnee is Best 7/16/2020
I have never tried any pecans that taste better than Berdolls Pawnee Pecans.The buttery taste is unmatched. My husband makes his famous Chocolate Chip Cookies with them and he refuses to us any other kind. Thank you.
- Barbara Moore, TX
Delicious and Addicting Texas Pecans 6/3/2020
These Pawnee pecans are absolutely the BEST Texas grown pecans ever! They are delicious and addicting. Many of my neighbors and relatives are enjoying this delicious pecan. The first question they ask is Where did you buy these top quality pecans from? They are great tasting and once you eat one you can’t stop! It’s funny but I also have the Berdoll T-shirt!
- Lillian Guajardo, TX
I ordered 20 lbs. of cracked Pawnee pecans...the second time Ive made this purchase. The pecans were so easy to shell; the shells just fell away from the nut. And the taste is awesome. You cant find a better pecan. I highly recommend Berdolls Pawnee pecans.
THE BEST 2/22/2020
These are the only pecans that I eat. Once you taste them, I am sure you will agree.
Judith Boutte
Pawnee cracked pecans 2/22/2020
We first tasted these delicious pawnee pecans during a road trip, then bought some more on the way back home. We searched locally and couldnt find them, so every time we took the road trip, we bought some. We couldnt wait for another road trip, so we ordered online, and have been ordering since.
- Jose Solis, TX
These Pecans Cant Be Beat 2/20/2020
Every year I look forward to my bags of cracked pecans. They are so delicious, and taste just like they did growing up. Fond memories of sitting under the trees cracking and eating pecans. Couldnt find anything in the stores that tasted like my childhood pecans until a few years ago. Thank you Berdoll, for sending me the most delicious treats year after year. Cant make a pecan pie without them and for snacking they are amazing!
- Elizabeth Young, TX
Great Quality, Taste 7/21/2017
I received these pecans as a Christmas gift last year. I was totally amazed as to the quality of these pecans. I enjoyed this gift so much that I plan to provide these pecans as gifts this year.
Only 1 of a kind 2/9/2016
- Jeneva Watson, IL
Best Pecans Ever Had.... EVER! 9/5/2015
Ive eaten pecans from AZ to LA. Got Berdoll pawnees at Bucees in TX. Now Im ordering em online. These pecans are the best ive ever had in 28 years!!! Thank you Berdoll for sharing this delicious gift with us all! If you reading reviews to consider it, be sure to try em before you die.
- steven sabatier, AZ
Best tasting pecans ever 6/16/2015
We ordered 20 lbs of your Pawnee cracked pecans and can honestly say they are the best we have ever tasted. Great color and good texture are only a few of the wonderful experiences one has eating this delicious nut. You have made our trip to Texas so worthwhile and we are planning to return to shop at your stores and meet all you wonderful people we talk to on the phone when placing orders.
- George Cook, IL
A Pecan Nut 2/20/2015
I stopped at my favorite watering hole on I 10 Luling Tx. November 2014. I noticed a costumer carrying a 5# bag of pecans, so I picked up some shelled and some cracked. My only regret is I didnt pick up more. Being raised in a pecan LA., I thought I knew what good was until now. SIMPLY THE BEST EVER.
- Julian Price, TX
Best in Texas 10/15/2014
I discovered Berdoll Pecan Farms one year while on my way to Austin. It is now the only place I will buy pecans from for holiday baking each year! Absolutely the best!
- T. Liggin, TX
Yum 8/27/2014
Bought a 5 lb bag of these pecans at buccees.....omg....delicious!!!!
- Laura Buck, TX
Love the flavor! 10/10/2013
I live hundreds of miles from Berdoll Farms but stopped there several years ago when in the area. Although we have a Pecan Retail business here, I have ordered exclusively from Berdolls ever since. The Pawnee are my favorite and truly do have a very rich buttery taste---AWESOME!
- Leonor Vela-Lapides, TX
Best pecans ever 11/23/2011
For many years we have used Berdoll pecans as gifts to our clients at Christmastime. Now many of them have come to expect them, and we get calls in November from clients, hoping they make the pecan list each year. The people at Berdoll farms are very gracious, and their pecans are always very consistent in quality.
- G Smith, TX
Pawnee Pecans 10/15/2011
Wow! Ive lived in Austin for 29 years and never stopped at Berdolls. Now I cant get enough of the Pawnee pecans. And, I found out pecans can be put in the freezer and will stay fresh for a couple of years. They are a healthy snack right out of the freezer - not too hard to chew.
- Cheri Chase, TX

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