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***GLUTEN FREE*** Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters- Sweet caramel hugged by the freshest pecan pieces, then coated in the best dark chocolate around.

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so good 2/8/2024
i dont even like dark chocolate but these are so good, yum
Im obsessed 2/24/2023
I cant find dark chocolate turtles anywhere else. So grateful they make these.
Best dark chocolate clusters 1/15/2021
Thank you for bringing these back!! These are THE BEST by far. I have tried similar clusters from several other companies and none compare. These are the perfect combination of pecans, caramel and dark chocolate.
- Carmen, FL
Best Pecan Clusters Ever, by the person who dislikes Pecans... 6/2/2020
So.. let me say, I dont like pecans, and I LOVE THESE!! They are soo delish. And the pecans are really good!! Not all dry like a lot you tase. Berdolls are the ONLY pecans I eat, and these are my favorite of their candies.
- Tiffany Farias, TX
Yummy Dark Chocolate Clusters 6/2/2020
I was so happy when these delights returned to Berdollís. They are delicious and satisfying. The new, larger size serves as my dessert after dinner and i savor each bite. Thanks for bringing them back!
- Barbara Cox, AZ
Yummy turtles 6/2/2020
These are the best pecan Caramel dark chocolate clusters turtles Iíve ever had!! The pecans are snappy and the chocolate isnít waxy, just pure goodness!
- Robin Barrett, TX
Dark chocolate pecan clusters 2/22/2020
Having these yummy treats return to Berdolls menu of items was a great thing. I give bags as gifts and enjoy one or two of them as an evening dessert. They are delicious and in a limited amount, a great treat for anyone.
- Barbara Cox, AZ
OH MY GOSH!!! 12/13/2012
Friends got a Gift tin from Relatives in Texas. Was able to try a bit of everything.Total Awesome Dark Chocolate clusters!!!!

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