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Our scrumptious No Added Sugar Pecan Pies are sweetened with Splenda and sugar-free honey making them acceptable for diabetics, or for those who simply want to limit their sugar intake. Order a No Added Sugar Pecan Pie today. It's sure to become your new favorite dessert! This pie is 9 inches in diameter.

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The Best Pecan Pie! 9/14/2023
I was blown away by this Pecan Pie. I found this to be the best out there. Love the taste. Thank you guys for making this. I cant wait to order again this year. Youll be hearing from me soon. A repeated customer.
who knew? 2/26/2023
I tried the no added sugar pie before just to see what it was like. Surprisingly, its quite good. It really does taste very close to the regular pie. You do get that little sugar free after taste at the end of your bite.
So grateful for the sugar free option! 2/24/2023
Cant visit my mom without bringing one of these or shell give me an ear full.
Year-Round Go-To Pie - not just for diabetics or Thanksgiving 3/1/2022
Love this pie. Weve shipped them successfully all over the US. Great surprise gift any time of year.
SO good! 5/28/2021
My grandfather has one of these pies every year, you cant even tell that there is no sugar!!
Im impressed ! 10/27/2020
I am not a no sugar added kind of person but my husband is, so I ordered this pie for him....I am impressed! This pie is absolutely delicious! Packed with Pecans, taste is excellent, crust is awesome. I am so happy I ordered 2 :-
- Kimberly Simmons, TX
The Best Treat 6/2/2020
I get this pie for my diabetic family member. They LOVE it.
- Rebecca C, NV
Dont even realize its no sugar 3/26/2020
This pie is so good that you cant really even tell that it is a no added sugar pie. The girls who work there say they use splenda and sugar free honey as substitutes. Im diabetic so this pie is an amazing find!
- Carrie S, OH
Excellent 1/22/2020
Tastes so close to the real pecan pie!! My grandma loves this pie!

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