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This outstanding fruitcake is a dense 2 pounds. Filled with lots of pecans, dates, pineapples, and cherries. It will melt right in your mouth! We now offer our Fruitcakes year-round! Great holiday gift!

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this is very good! 2/26/2023
I used to not like fruitcake until I tried the one at Berdolls. This tastes nothing like any other Ive ever had. The best part is that there are pecans in it!!
I didnt think I liked fruitcake... until now 2/24/2023
What was once SO unappealing, I cant stop eating
Not your average fruitcake! 11/28/2021
This one is delicious, moist, tender, rich and full of fresh pecans, pineapple, fresh cherries and dates! Not a glaced green or red cherry or citron anywhere. Wonderful with coffee for breakfast.
- Mom, TX
Pecan Loveliness 7/28/2020
I had my first Berdolls homemade fruitcake last week.....and Im ordering another one...It is chock-full of pecans, and is wonderful in the morning...or anytime with a cup of coffee....Simply delicious! I tell myself Im ordering this for my birthday....which is in August....and now July too! Lol!
Not your Ordinary Fruit Cake 6/2/2020
I am not typically a lover of fruitcake, but this one is unique. Its nice and chewy and great for slicing bite-size pieces to serve at parties.
I hate to admit it, but I ate this whole thing by myself! ; 2/14/2020
This yummy fruitcake has fruit juices making it soooo moist, and it has so many pecans which I love!
- Rachel, SD

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