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2021 crop is ready!!! Wichita is an excellent variety pecan. It is a paper-shell pecan with lots of oil to make the taste great. Wichita is a paper-shell pecan, it yields about 62% meat after the shelling! Best buy!

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My favorite variety are the Wichita pecans 6/2/2020
My mom introduced me to the Wichita pecan variety when I was a child. They are still my favorite. As an adult, I found flavorful Wichita pecans at Berdoll Pecan company. Usually I buy the 10# bag of cracked Wichitas and spend time in front of the TV shelling them. I wind up with a lot of full ziploc bags of pecans. Then I freeze some and give some as gifts. It is wonderful to have them on hand for baking, salads, and snacks.
- Robyn, TX

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