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Choctaw is a great variety! Easy to shell with a strong bold taste and large pecan!A large easy-to-shell pecan! The Choctaw variety is a long-time favorite variety. Pecans can liven up a salad, add crunch to yogurt or cereal, and they are a nutritious snack. Everything tastes better with delicious Berdoll Pecans!

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Excellent! 12/5/2020
Excellent taste and flavor. Excellent delivery, I ordered late Tuesday night and found them at my door on Thursday evening. No COVID-19 slow down!
Heavenly Candy 11/29/2018
An excellent, sweet and tasty nut. Its our households favorite and we are seriously disappointed when its unavailable. The Berdoll family has been excellent in their business ethics and are sweethearts on top of it all.
- Landry, LA
Choctaw Nuts are the best! 10/31/2015
These are the ones that you cant stop eating, great flavor, great size and never-ending de-lic-cious! I save Pawnee for baking,.....these are the ones I munch on until I cant munch anymore!
- Diane, TX
Great flavor! 10/10/2013
Choctaw pecans , along with the Pawnee have the best flavors. One year one is slightly better than the other but they are large and have a great flavor. I order large quantities and share with my sisters and sister-in-laws...they look forward to this every year. There is NOTHING COMPARABLE in most retail stores to Berdoll Pecans.
- Leonor Vela-Lapides, TX

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